Our curriculum

The AI+ curriculum has been structured in 5 levels of incremental complexity, which correspond to 3 application fields in AI: intelligent apps, robotics and Internet of Things (IoT).

Teaching Unit 0: Introduction Guide

This introductory unit explains the methodology to be followed as well as how the units are organised. We also lay the foundations of the main elements of the Artificial Intelligence system.
Another important point is the organisation and methodology of this teaching throughout the Erasmus+ project. Finally, we indicate the necessary resources and pre-requisites.
With all this information, teachers can begin to understand and analyse each unit of the project.

First steps

Before starting with the first units, it is necessary to check the level and previous knowledge of the students in the project. To do this, some forms are created for each student to fill in.
In the same way, a form for teachers is also created. In this way, we will have some data on which to start preparing the units and consolidating knowledge.
The next step is for each partner to start with their students to take a series of CODE.org courses that we recommend to them. In doing so, the students will begin to improve their programming skills.
Finally, we are sending you a first steps guide to App Inventor. With this basic guide, teachers can begin to understand how App Inventor works and thus be prepared for the first units.

Dissemination Plan

We leave you our plan of diffusion, in it we decide how to carry out the correct diffusion of this project and which will be our social networks, messages and our target public. If you are interested in the world of robotics, artificial intelligence in the field of education, do not hesitate, the news of this portal will interest you.