Europe Code Week

EU Programming Week is a grassroots initiative that aims to bring programming and digital literacy closer together in a fun and interesting way.

This year 2020, our partner CPI A Xunqueira is going to carry out an online activity about our artificial intelligence project: “DEVELOPING AN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CURRICULUM ADAPTED TO EUROPEAN HIGH SCHOOLS”.It will run from Thursday 15 October to Thursday 20. It is aimed at secondary school students. Students will have to develop a smartphone app using App Inventor that helps to follow the optimal path from one location to other inside the school. Specifically, the app will guide users (visitor, teacher, student…) from their location to the destination they have selected, based on images (photos taken by students) and text indications. This app: “The School Path Guide” will be focused in AI representation and reasoning from a simple perspective.
We leave you the link so that you can get information and sign up.