Summary of Erasmus Days

In this entry we will give you a summary of our event in Erasmus Days, we will also leave you the videos so that you can access them again or if you have not been able to attend, you can watch them from here. We thank Sepie for the creation of this event and taking into account the situation of the pandemic to be able to make the event in a virtual way, allows us to spread the project.

In this case we have decided to hold a live event on our social network Facebook. In order to cover a greater scope and give more possibilities, two sessions were held, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. In both, the project was presented at the beginning and a summary of our objectives was made. Afterwards, each one of them was different. In the morning session everything was explained in a more extensive way in order to give rise to questions about the project. Meanwhile, in the afternoon session, we stopped to analyse the artificial intelligence in the case of Tesla’s car.

Below are the videos of the two sessions so that you can watch them and find out more.

Erasmus Days - Morning session

Erasmus Days - Afternoon session

Mobile Learning Week 2020 – Unesco

Mobile Learning Week (MLW) is the United Nations’ flagship event on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education, and has been organized by UNESCO and its partners for eight years consecutively. The online edition of Mobile Learning Week 2020 was held between 12 and 14 October 2020. Here projects and innovations in various fields of: Technology-Enabled Learning Futures.

During these days we have been able to learn about other different and very interesting projects about the future of education. We also presented our project and made contact with other educators.

Teaching Unit 4

New artificial intelligence teaching unit! Students will develop a Scavenger Hunt app with App Inventor based on Machine Learning. They will train an ANN model and use it in their app to detect the hidden objects in the school. Let’s move to practical AI 😎.

You can see the video.

Don’t miss the Erasmus Days

This event will be focused in presentation of what should be included in a future subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for secondary schools. It is addressed to teachers interested in introducing AI fundamentals in their classes, who will get updated information about what to teach for AI and what to teach about AI. The event is included in the AI+ Erasmus project, which aims to develop a curriculum of Artificial Intelligence for high schools students in Europe.

October 15th at 12:00 (CEST) and at 17:00 (CEST): join our Facebook Live event on artificial intelligence teaching for pre-university education.

Online Trasnational Meeting

Last week we held the online transnational meeting with our partner schools. We are all very motivated to keep working this course in AI teaching. Let’s go!!