1st Training Activity

From 18 to 21 January we carried out our first training activity (online) due to the global pandemic situation. We had to adjust to the movement restriction measures and therefore we made a different activity plan. Using Microsoft Teams as a communication platform, we were able to hold a special conference.

  • On Monday 18th of January in two different sessions we have explained to the students an introduction to Artificial Intelligence and we have also carried out a series of quizzes.
  • On Tuesday 19th a workshop was held for the teachers about the educational tool that we are going to use in the next part of the project. This tool is the Robobo robot and its new simulator in Unity.
  • On Wednesday 20th a joint class was held between CEIP A Xunqueira and IES David Buján. Fran Bellas from Cambre and the A Xunqueira team at UDC with Sara Guerreiro, both connected to Microsoft Teams. First there was a short explanation of the activity and then the students started to create a neural network with three objects.
  • To conclude this training, on Thursday 22nd, each group of students presented a project such as Netflix, Amazon Go... in which Artificial Intelligence is used. To do so, they explained which topics they use and drew a series of conclusions.